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Dryer vent service and cleaning that gives you peace of mind!


We provide a complete array of dryer vent cleaning services that help you make the most of your dryer, minimize performance issues, ensure safety and considerably cut down the energy usage of your appliance.


Most of us face a number of different dryer issues, but are unable to interpret what could have gone wrong. The common issues include:


  • Dryer vent heating up enough to heat the laundry room
  • Clothes wearing out fast, after drying
  • Clothes taking significantly longer to dry
  • Electricity bills rising without any visibly additional usage


If you face any of these problems, you could be dealing with a clogged vent or a broken part. If you continue using your appliance, you could put it at a higher risk of failing; not to mention that clogged dryer vents are also among the leading reasons of house fires.


Once you get in touch with us at Dryer Vent Dr NV, we schedule an appointment and come right down. We offer the following services:


  • We conduct a complete inspection of your dryer vent to identify clogs and any broken parts.
  • Whether you require dryer vent repairs or replacements, once done, we make sure that the unit is optimized for ventilation. We also advise all our clients to stick to aluminum tubing instead of other alternatives to minimize chances of damage to the appliance.
Once the inspections, repairs and replacements are completed, we clean the dryer of all lint deposits.

Our Services Help You Save Money and Minimize Health and Safety Risks

A dryer vent can start clogging within a short period of time if not inspected and cleaned regularly. If you haven’t inspected the dryer vent in a while, you are at a higher chance of facing issues like:


  • Extremely poor dryer efficiency
  • Clogs that lead to carbon monoxide poisoning (In gas setups)
  • Mold and fungal growths within or around the unit
  • Dried clothes worn off quickly
  • Excessive clogging that allows moisture to seep into ceilings and walls


Most importantly, an uninspected and clogged dryer vent may lead to a house fire. Each year, clogged vents lead to 15 fatalities and over 400 injuries due to flammable lint buildups. Lint is among the most flammable materials in your home and every time you run a clogged dryer you considerably boost the chances of lighting it up. The easiest way to avoid this is to give us a call for dryer vent cleaning services you can rely on! Our services make your home safer and optimize your dryers for efficiency while helping you save money in the process.

Complete Maintenance and Safety Checks 

We don’t just offer cleaning for your dryer vents; we ensure complete riddance from any particles that may cause fires along with removal of moisture and mold. Once we are done, we leave your dryer vent and the complete system working flawlessly with the right amount of ventilation. If your unit has broken parts, we also offer dryer vent replacements and repairs.


At Dryer Vent Dr NV, our primary goal is to minimize health and safety risks, allowing you to save on electricity costs. Many of our customers are able to save up to 30% in clothes drying costs once they acquire our services.


Looking for dryer vent cleaning services in Reno, Carson City, or Sparks? Don’t wait for problems to occur. Schedule an appointment with us today at 775-762-3088 and get the best performance from your dryer!

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